Monday, April 25, 2011

Incredible Photographers!

Saturday, we met with Kristen Hatgi and Mark Sink. They are incredible!  They use an old process to produce some of the most amazing art I've ever seen - the wet plate method with the old fashion accordion type cameras.  It's a long process as each plate has to get coated and then taken to the darkroom (can't tell you what happens in there, but the result is amazing!).  They did take several photos with extremely nice digital cameras as well, but I was just enthralled watching them run back and forth with the wet plates.  We should have those photos fairly quickly, but here is one I took of them shooting B and J together.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

What to say to the one who didn't get the campaign...

I was so excited to receive an email from a local designer... Fahrenkamp Apparel.  They want B for their spring/summer collection.  Problem was when J saw the website up on the computer she said, 'oh, have you heard from them?'  'Uhhhhh, yeah,' I said.  She said 'no big deal if I didn't get it.'  So, I had to break it to her that her sister did... she became quiet and didn't say much.  I know she desperately wants to be happy for her sister, but can anyone blame her for being jealous... no, not I.  Her sister is wafe thin and she is curvy... like I said before she belongs on the runway for Victoria Secrets and her sister belongs in Milan.  There's nothing anyone can do about the way they are naturally shaped without being stupid about their bodies.  I've tried to make sure my girls understand nothing is worth starving yourself for, nothing is worth not being respectful of your own body for, nothing and noone can hurt you if you don't let them.  So, here I am, so happy for one and so needing to find a way to comfort the other.!campaign

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The purpose of my blog

My husband says I 'brag' too much on Facebook.  Well, maybe I do brag a lot on Facebook, but I seem to have a lot to brag about :D  I decided to create this blog so that I would have a forum of sending my thoughts out into the universe and if anyone is interested they may read them... if not, don't.

B, my middle daughter, who is 14 yrs. old was 'discovered' at the Jonas Brothers Concert one summer ago.  We headed to Utah to meet with this 'so called Agent' and found that not only was he a true success but he was one of the first independent agents to represent Elite Models without being owned by Elite.  So, we signed.  Shortly after signing B, my 17 yr old, J wanted to do the same.  The agent loved her and so we signed again.  About 6 months ago, our agent gave us the permission to do local work without agency representation... for experience.  So, I trudged out and have gotten the girls into two fashion shows - one was Artopia, an experience in and of itself!  And the other was for a very promising young fashion designer, Melissa May.  They have also had some amazing photo shoots and a few hair shows.  The girls are loving everything about the modeling world so far - of course, we haven't been to New York, Miami or LA yet, but hopefully soon!

I will sum up my two models as this, B should be in Milan, and J should be on the catwalk for Victoria Secrets.  They are two completely different types of models and I hope that in their careers they will learn to live with the disappointment of their sister getting a job that they wanted and be overjoyed for the one that got it.  I know it will be a hard road and there will be lots of lessons to learn along the way, but I believe we are ready and willing to work hard for it!

My third, M, is only 10 years old, but gorgeous as well, so stay tuned for her.  As a matter of fact, I can't wait to see what she turns into, she is truly a beautiful mix of her sisters (and of course, my husband and I).

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Three Blondies Mom: WOW!!! Enough Said

Three Blondies Mom: WOW!!! Enough Said: "Check out B's shoot with Meghan Savage (it's in Meghan's Blog, I'll post originals once I have them)!"

Three Blondies Mom: WOW!!! Enough Said

Three Blondies Mom: WOW!!! Enough Said: "Check out B's shoot with Meghan Savage (it's in Meghan's Blog, I'll post originals once I have them)!"

Friday, April 1, 2011

Three Blondies Mom: Our first ticket while shooting

Three Blondies Mom: Our first ticket while shooting: "Mortified! We were up in the rocks of Roxbourough State Park with photographer, Jim Mullen from Chicago when we heard the loud voice of a p..."