Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Our first ticket while shooting

Mortified!  We were up in the rocks of Roxbourough State Park with photographer, Jim Mullen from Chicago when we heard the loud voice of a park ranger say, 'GET BACK ON THE TRAIL'... 'STAY ON THE TRAIL'.  Coming off the trail, she stopped us and made us follow her back to our cars.  At that time, she demanded all of our photo id's and auto registrations.  I explained that J and B were my daughters and didn't have their id's... I don't think she believed me!  We got off with a $52.50 ticket for being in the park without a state pass (I would have bought one if someone had been at the window!).   She let us off for the extra $50 per person for being off trail, but she was quite a 'B' about it.

Jim showed us several photos from what we were able to take and the photos were AMAZING... cannot wait to see what comes out of this strange day!

Here are a few of the photos!

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